Seamless Steel Mechanical Pipes are used in order to transfer liquids and gasses that do not require high heat and are preferred to welded pipes because of their capability to sustain high pressure. As Aydın Boru, we supply Mechanical Pipes with high tonnage to the standards of EN 10216-1, which is the European norm as well as American (ASTM) and Russian (GOST) norms, which we have in our stock.

Field of use for Mechanical Pipes;

  • HPP (Hydroelectric Power Plants) and GPP (Geothermal Power Plants) Projects,
  • Heating Lines,
  • Cooling Lines,
  • Fire Extinguishing Systems,
  • Various Indoor and Outdoor Installations.

For these special ready-primed equipment that is requested from time to time for galvanized coating or fire lines, we also provide services regarding hot-dip galvanized coating, sand blasting and primer for seamless steel  pipes as a result of our partnerships with local producers.

In addition, for all product needs for your mechanical installations you can get in touch with our group organisation Ünites Tesisat, and visit their webpage