Construction pipes are used for machine pieces or manufacturing of equipment other than for superstructure constructions.  Just as filling material is used during the manufacturing of several machine pieces because of the fact that Seamless Steel production methods are preferable for the supply of thick wall pipes, load-bearing columns that need high wall thickness are preferred because of the loads that it will bare.

Fields of use for Construction Pipes;

  • Airports,
  • Bridges and Tunnels,
  • Factory Buildings,
  • Shopping Malls,
  • Stadiums,
  • All other load-bearing systems,
  • Various equipment manufacturing.

In addition to the above; seamless steel pipes are preferred in several loading systems at eye-level so that there are no weld tracks on the surfaces and as a result of this, is more aesthetic.

As Aydın Boru, “S-Structure” group has a lot of measurements according to the EN 10210-1&2 product standard in our stock. We also present advantageous equipment for our customers with measurements according to the project for special requests, reducing waste and labour loss for our customers.